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Compliant, Managed, and Simplified Payroll Services for you

Payroll processing is one of the more complex administrative functions and one that carries heavy consequences if not done correctly. At OBOX, we shoulder the responsibility of managing your entire payroll process, guaranteeing punctual and precise employee payments while adhering to complex state and federal regulations.

Our payroll services, characterized by flexibility and scalability, go beyond conventional solutions. Along with ensuring accuracy, we make certain your payroll aligns seamlessly with local income tax laws and labour regulations, maintaining a tax-friendly environment for your employees.

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What OBOX offers?

Integrated Managed Service And Technology Solution

OBOX’s all-in-one payroll bundle of managed service and technology provides you with unlimited access to our comprehensive range of solutions, along with round the clock support from our payroll experts.

Compliant and tax- friendly Salary and Benefit structure

Advisory on benefits - Must have and good to have

Setting up the systems, policies and employee master data

Payroll Calendar outlining important payroll and compliance dates

Systematic Payroll input- leave and attendance, new joinees etc

Dedicated customer success manager

Dry & Parallel Runs

Calculating payroll, state and federal taxes and compliance

Commutation of Gross, Net salary and reimbursements

Tax preparation for deposition to state and federal authorities

Full and final settlement- terminated employee out- processing

Calculation of bonus, gratuity, incentive and other non- regular items

Quarterly tax returns

Dedicated employee, HR and admin access to portal

Dedicated helpdesk for employees to address employee queries

Cloud-based Investment declaration module for employees

Leave & Attendance Management

Monthly payslips and tax computation for every employee via HRMS

Collection and Auditing of Investment Proofs

Generation of Form-16, an annual income statement

Balance Leave & Gratuity Calculations

Calculation of ESOPs, RSUs, etc.

Assisting in annual increments and structuring

Standard and customized Reports

Individual income tax advisory

Bank advice statement for salary transfer

Leave Reports


How can we make payroll administration simpler for you?

Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

With more than a decade of HR & Payroll experience and managing 300+ global clients from 20+ different countries, we have accumulated an abundance of knowledge and expertise in local markets.

Why choose EOR?
  • Fully managed payroll
  • Compensation and benefits consulting
  • Combination of managed service and technology
  • A team of experts with local knowledge to handle end-to-end payroll
  • Covering one-time, recurring and annual activities under payroll processing
  • Risk covered through Error & Omission Insurance
Why choose EOR?
  • Structuring salary as per local income tax and labour laws.
  • Adherence to state and federal laws
  • Computation of – Tax, PF, ESIC, LWF & PT
  • Statutory Compliance– Minimum wages, Gratuity and Bonus
  • TDS Management, Quarterly & Yearly TDS Filings
  • Assisting on Audits & Inspections
Why choose EOR?
  • Onboarding and Exit Module
  • Attendance – App and web-based, geo-location capability and biometric integration
  • Leave Management – Configurable policy and custom workflow
  • Expense & Asset Management
  • Submit Provisional Investment Declarations
  • View Pay-slips & Tax Computation Sheets
  • Employee Database management
  • Employee information, letters and documentation
Why choose EOR?
  • Trusted by 300+ companies for their payroll management
  • Non- disclosure agreement with our employees and customers
  • Technology deployed on AWS with critical capabilities – Firewall, Encryption etc
  • Technology and automation to reduce errors and enhance data security
  • No access to USB and Local Drive for our employees
  • Complex password policy in place
Why choose EOR?

Accurate funds are delivered on time every time. Our money movement service complements our payroll management offerings, providing essential support for our clients' monthly financial transactions. This includes:

  • Timely disbursement of employee salaries, bonuses, and various reimbursements to the employees
  • Facilitation of Income tax (TDS) payments and handling payroll-related statutory payments (such as ESIC, PF, PT & LWF, where applicable) to ensure compliance.
  • Seamless processing of full and final settlements for employees, streamlining the financial closure process.

Whether you have 1 or 10,000 employees, get access to error-free payroll

Learn how our combination of managed services & technology can simplify your payroll process.

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Why companies choose OBOX for their payroll services

Our Commitment To Trust, Safety, And Efficiency Makes Us The Most Reliable Payroll Partner

  • We know India Better
  • Accurate Payroll every time
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Insured security and confidentiality
  • Intuit Technology to manage employee lifecycle 
  • Team of In-house Experts 
  • Adhering to state and federal laws
  • Business continuity in case of Disaster
  • 98% Client Retention 
  • Seamless onboarding
  • Processing over 1 lac monthly employee records
  • Up-to-date with Local Regulations
  • Trusted by 300+ companies for their payroll
  • Catering Clients Pan India


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Consider opting for payroll outsourcing services that provide a comprehensive system to streamline payroll processing tasks. Look for a service provider that stays abreast of industry standards, adapts to evolving requirements, and remains current with taxation rules.

Yes, OBOX helps with Compliant and tax- friendly Salary and Benefit structure

Yes, we take care of payroll compliance too.

For clients- A dedicated point of contact; and for employees- dedicated Helpdesk.

Yes, you can still outsource your payroll to experts.