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OBOX company formation experts and partners can guide you through those vital first steps to get your entity set up swiftly and efficiently in India, whether you wish to trade, manufacture, have a back office, or invest.

No matter the size of your organisation or the sector or industry you operate in, our local specialists have the knowledge to structure your entity in strict compliance with local laws and to help you navigate with:

  • Choosing the right entity type
  • Incorporating your entity
  • Post-incorporation support and maintenance

The Ways You Can Enter India

A foreign company, not getting to engage in business on a permanent basis, may choose this option. It is the easiest way with the least formalities that serve as a link between foreign companies and Indian customers.

  • Purpose: Facilitates communication between foreign parent company and Indian market.
  • Activities: Information collection, product promotion, market opportunity assessment.
  • Restrictions: No revenue-generating business allowed.
  • Timeline: 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Regulation: Governed by FEMA under RBI guidance.

Foreign companies can set up branch offices to conduct  branch activity for its businesses. Foreign companies can generate revenue from the Indian branch office from those activities specifically approved by the Reserve Bank of India. 

  • Purpose: Conducts approved revenue-generating activities for the foreign company.
  • Activities: Import/export, consultancy, research, technical support.
  • Restrictions: Manufacturing not allowed, but can be subcontracted.
  • Timeline: 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Regulation: Governed by RBI and Companies Act, 2013.

A subsidiary company of a foreign company is called an Indian company, and it can have a full-fledged presence in the country.

  • Ownership: Controlled by the foreign parent company.
  • Activities: Full-fledged business operations (manufacturing, marketing, services).
  • Timeline: 4 to 8 weeks.
  •   Regulation: Governed by Companies Act, 2013.

Foreign companies can set up Joint Venture companies with Indian partners in sectors where 100 percent FDI is not permitted. A joint venture allows foreign companies to utilize the existing networks of their Indian partners, and once taxed, such companies can remit their Indian profits outside the country.

  • Ownership: Collaboration with an Indian partner.
  • Benefits: Utilizes partner's network, financial resources, and contacts.
  • Activities: Permitted in sectors with restricted FDI.
  • Timeline: 4 to 6 weeks.

A project office can be established if a foreign company has received a contract from an Indian company to execute a project in India. It is set up for a limited period if a foreign company has received a contract to execute an infrastructure or installation project in India through project offices duly registered with the RBI and the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

  • Purpose: Set up for a limited period to execute a specific project in India.
  • Conditions: Project funded by inward remittance, approved by appropriate authority.
  • Timeline: As required for project duration.
  •  Regulation: Registered with RBI and Registrar of Companies (ROC).

How can we support you in the journey?

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Business Needs

At OBOX, we provide end-to-end solutions for your business, covering everything from seamless company formation to proactive accounting, regulatory compliance, and strategic tax advice. Our tailored approach ensures that your business not only meets legal requirements but also flourishes in the dynamic marketplace. With precision and personalized attention, we are your trusted partner in realizing your business goals.

  • Entity Registration
  • Registrations: PAN, TAN, GST, Import Export Code, Labor Law, etc.
  • Obtaining necessary approvals from RBI, MCA etc
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Corporate Governance Structure Advice
  • Business License and Entity Registration Approval
  • Company Registrations: PAN, TAN, GST, Import Export Code, etc.
  • Labour Law registrations: Shops & Establishments, PT, PF, ESCI, LWF etc
  • Advisory Services during Company Formation
  • Opening of Bank Account
  • Receivable and Payables Management
  • Accounts outsourcing
  • ROC & RBI Compliances
  • Cross-Border Tax Advisory
  • Maintenance of Statutory Records and Registers
  • Corporate Law & Tax Consultation
  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • FEMA Services for Foreign Companies and NRIs
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Tax Filings: Income Tax, GST
  • Resident Director Provision
  • Registered Office Services
  • Office Space Provision
  • Expat Taxation and Advisory

Why Choose OBOX?

One-stop Support at Every Step of Company Formation and Maintenance

    • Local Expertise
    • Comprehensive Support
    • Professional Guidance
    • Customized Solutions
    • Pan India Reach
    • Maintain Transparency, Integrity & Confidentiality
    • Speed and Efficiency
    • Experienced and Qualified Team
    • Incorporated 100+ Foreign Companies in india
    • Dedicated Client Support


Need Some Help, Here We’re

The Registered Office does not mean to be owned only; it can be rented premises as well.  The registered office is used to hold general meetings, keep records and receive correspondence from all statutory governments timely. It also specifies the registered office jurisdiction.

Yes, we can easily change the registered office of the company at any time after the specified procedure is completed. The changed address can be situated within the same state or in a different state, depending upon the conditions.

(1) A company shall, on and from the fifteenth day of its incorporation, at all times, have a registered office capable of receiving and acknowledging all communications and notices addressed to it.
(2) The company shall provide the Registrar verification of its registered office within thirty days of its incorporation in such manner as may be prescribed.

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