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What is HR Training?

Learn, unlearn and learn new!

An organisation’s growth is linked to its workforce, and employee welfare is essential to address business challenges. Updating skills through training strengthens the backbone of a successful employee and, consequently, an organisation. Companies across the globe place great emphasis on staff training to enhance productivity, performance management and employee retention.

OBOX HR Training is designed to sharpen the skills of individual employees so that the trained personnel contribute positively to the company’s growth in the future. We conduct customised programmes for start-ups, corporations, and businesses with varied training modules for the different sectors of industry.


Why training your employees is important?

Training your employees is a key factor in propelling your business to prosperity.

A successful organization depends on training, whether it is a small or large one. It improves the knowledge and sharpens the skill sets of its employees. However, most companies overlook training, especially start-ups and small and medium enterprises. OBOX fills this gap by offering mentoring, training, and coaching services.

  • Ability to empower skills and knowledge based on their roles.
  • Alignment with organisational goals
  • Well-trained employees become more efficient and productive.
  • Enhances employee morale
  • This leads to higher job satisfaction and reduces turnover rates.
  • Identifying and addressing skill gaps through targeted HR training programmes

What OBOX Offers?

Delivering extensive employee and management training.

Why choose EOR?

OBOX offers a wide range of training sessions for the employees as well as the management. Depending on the needs of each company, we tailor our training programmes.

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership workshop
  • Business skills 
  • Customer service skills
  • Stress management 
  • Sales training
  • Time management
  • Leading effective teams
  • Emotional intelligence at work
  • Leading with innovation 
  • Happy employees 
  • POSH – Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Still thinking how training can transform your team’s ability?

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Why Choose OBOX?

We Ensure the Best Results for Your Training Investments.

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OBOX provides a diverse range of training programs spanning various domains and verticals, including leadership development, skill enhancement, and compliance training.

Our training programs are tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of each company. We conduct a thorough assessment to understand your requirements, ensuring the content and delivery are aligned with your organizational goals.

Absolutely. Whether you need a one-time training session or multiple sessions throughout the year, OBOX adapts to the frequency that best suits the evolving needs of your workforce and management.

Our retainership models offer a flexible and cost-effective approach to ongoing training. This ensures continuous development and support, allowing your team to stay updated and equipped with the latest skills and knowledge.

A: OBOX combines diverse training modules, customization, and flexible retainership models to ensure optimal value delivery. Our goal is to foster continuous growth and development within your organization.

Yes, OBOX offers training solutions for both employees and management, recognizing the importance of enhancing skills at all levels of the organization.

Simply reach out to our team through the contact form on our website, and we'll be happy to discuss your specific needs and design a tailored training plan for your organization.

Yes, OBOX places a strong emphasis on statutory compliance. Our training programs are designed to align with local labour laws, ensuring a seamless and legally sound learning experience for your team.