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Who is a Virtual HR Manager?

Your Shared HR to Handle all of Your Ongoing HR Administration.

Based on our market experience and demand, we introduce to you - OBOX's Virtual HR Manager – a revolutionary solution designed to provide you with a dedicated HR expert without the hefty price tag. A Virtual HR manager is an experienced HR professional who acts as an account manager working closely with you to manage your HR administrative and operational activities and also assist you with best practices. 

Why you need a Virtual HR Manager for your business?

You Don’t Need HR all the Time, But When You Do, You Do!

Managing HR operations demands significant time and effort. Whether you're a startup, a small entity, or a multinational entering India, Virtual HR Manager is your key to accessible and affordable HR support.


Time Efficiency

Virtual HR Manager save time by streamlining HR operations, allowing you to focus on core business activities.



Accessible and affordable HR support reduces the need for a full-time, in-house HR manager, saving costs for businesses.



Virtual HR Manager adapt to the size and needs of your organization, making them suitable for startups, small businesses, and multinational corporations entering new markets like India.


Expert Operations Management

Virtual HR Manager bring expertise to handle HR operations efficiently taking the guesswork out from your daily schedule. You stay ahead of the game by monitoring HR trends, legal changes, and industry best practices for seamless operations.


Employee branding establishment

Not only it enhances the professional demeanor to your company, but acts as a catalyst in attracting and retaining talented employees cultivating a positive company image and promptly addressing employee queries.

Struggling with Limited HR Support and Expertise?

Give Virtual HR Manager a chance!

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What Virtual HR Manager will take care of?

and Your Virtual HR Manager Handles Administrative and Operational Needs Crafting a Perfect Fit for Your Business Success.

We tailor our services to match our clients’ unique operations and business objectives. As part of this customised approach, you get a solution that delivers just the right balance of administrative, and operational support.

Preparing Employment Documents 

Onboarding and Induction

Managing employee records

Monthly leave and attendance tracking

Managing calendar to track all important payroll & Compliance deadlines

Employee Help-desk & Query Management

Exit Interview & Employee feedback

Separation and Termination Process


Need Some Help, Here We’re

The Virtual HR manager is a shared resource.

Yes, Virtual HR Manager is the perfect choice for both small businesses and startups. The Virtual HR Manager should always be your first pick before hiring any employees.

3 to 5 years into HR Domain.

In addition to NDA, the data is stored on amazon cloud with all necessary data security.

You get a Virtual HR manager less than 50% of overall cost of your full-time employee. Also, VHM has access to experts from other departments.

As they have first-hand experience and also have access of team of experts from related departments.

Yes, while OBOX has a standard scope, we have also accommodated additional/ tailored made menu for clients.

Yes, it will come with an additional cost.

No, they manage the entire operations virtually.

No, the payroll and compliance is a separate service and are managed by the respective departments, however this can be clubbed with Virtual HR Service.

No, Recruitment is a separate service.