What is Employer of Record?

An EOR (Employer of Record) helps you hire, onboard, pay, insure, and support your hardworking team in India without establishing an entity. In this model, we can assist you in hiring the best talent with accurate background checks, manage payroll, compliance, benefits and equities, the office desk, and asset procurement under one umbrella, and help administer employment-related responsibilities for you.

We also handle immigration, visas, relocations, and freelancer & contractor-to-employee conversions, making it simple for businesses to hire distributed talent in India.

EOR in India

Expand Globally, Hire Locally, Work Compliantly 

Why choose EOR?

Here are the Strategic Advantages of EOR Solutions

  • Faster entry into Market
  • Access to better benefits
  • Control over long-term costs
  • Eliminates expensive contractual procedures & protection from liabilities
  • A single point contact to simplify all administration
  • Advice on legal matters
  • Dedicated key account teams & support staff to provide administration assistance.
  • Provides flexibility in the workforce across various functions
  • Maintain 100% compliance with labour laws and payroll taxes
Why choose EOR?

When using Employer of  Record, you will have the following benefits

  • No local entity required
  • Hiring local employees & entering India’s emerging market within days
  • Employment contracts & terminations
  • Local expertise
  • Fully compliant with local laws & taxes
  • Payroll Management, Statutory Benefits, Insurance and Taxation
  • Employee expense management
  • Office space & infrastructure
Why choose EOR?

Employee benefits at EOR are designed to care for your team

  • Digital Onboarding
  • Health Insurance
  • Induction
  • Accidental Insurance
  • HRMS - HR technology
  • Helpdesk
  • Tax-friendly Salary Structure

What OBOX Covers?

OBOX saves you time, energy and resources and helps you hire the right employee.

Hiring and Onboarding
Vendor Payments
Payroll and administration
Expense Reimbursements
Tax deduction and Filing
Asset Management
Compliance Management
Exit Management
Employee Insurance
Visa assistance
Quarterly Service Reviews

Why choose OBOX?

OBOX acts as your one-stop, shop, for entering the Indian market.

  • To enter the Indian market quickly and easily
  • To reduce your risks and costs associated with employing staff in India
  • To focus on your core business while OBOX handles the HR complexities
  • To ensure compliance with Indian labour laws and regulations
  • To benefit from streamlined HR processes and comprehensive support

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Entity Setup vs. EOR Comparison

Understand the difference between setting up an Entity vs EOR

Entity Setup EOR
Setup & Operations Upto 12 months Few Days
Onsite requirements Signatories on bank accounts and corporate documents must often sign in person Included
Banking Rigorous KYC regulations Not required
Compliance Average companies spend 1 day per week simply tracking regulatory changes Will be taken care by OBOX
Talent Can lose candidates while waiting for subsidiary, contractor liabilities, lower talent pool Ready to hire as soon as you finalize candidate, access to larger talent pool, no contractor liabilities
Local directors Foreign subsidiary often requires a local director – there are legal liabilities Not required
benefits Statutory and customary Will be taken care by OBOX
Employment contracts Foreign offer letters are not valid employment contract, need country-specific contracts and legal expertise Will be taken care by OBOX


Client Stories: How our EOR Services Transformed Their Businesses in India

“OBOX has been instrumental in our expansion into India, handling all aspects of local operations seamlessly. From payroll to employee benefits, health insurance, and even sourcing talented candidates, they've simplified our entire process. Their expertise in Indian law, taxes, and HR has allowed us to shift our focus from administrative tasks to business growth. Monthly transactions are efficient, ensuring all aspects of our workforce are well taken care of. OBOX has truly proven to be a valuable partner, and we appreciate the excellent services they provide.”

Matt Ritchie Janus Fire Systems

“We have been operating in India for 12 years, but we faced the challenge of finding new partner in COVID. That’s when OBOX stepped in and provided invaluable assistance to us. Their market expertise and support helped us to smoothly transition and expand our capacity in India. With OBOX, we have gained access to their vast network local insights, all of which played a crucial role in our success and continues to play a crucial role in our further business journey in India”

Daniel Mendieta, Co-founder - AADMI Consulting, Boston


Looking for EOR beyond India?

Together with our partners, we can support you in other countries too.

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Need Some Help, Here We’re

Employers of Record (EORs) hire employees in India on behalf of their clients. For instance, if you are based in the United States but want to hire an employee in India, you can do so through an EOR.
The employer (client) still handles the employee's day-to-day activities, such as tasks, meetings, performance reviews, and termination decisions, while the EOR handles the administrative burden of managing Indian employees.

There is no minimum. We’re happy to help you even with a single employee.

There is no minimum or maximum requirement; you can also avail of the service for 3 months or more than 5 years.

EORs allow foreign companies to onboard talent quickly in India without having to form a local entity or risk violating employment laws. We take care of all personnel aspects such as onboarding, payroll, benefits, compliance, and HR support so you can focus on growing and managing your business.

Indian employees' hours, time off, holidays, bonuses, and commissions are automatically calculated into the payroll via our platform. OBOX invoices clients (the employers) in foreign currencies ( USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, SGD etc) each month and pays your employees in India on time in the local currency(INR).

As a client and employer, you will have full control over your employees, you will continue to run your day-to-day business, manage your employees, and set goals and performance metrics. The EOR’s responsibility is to help with the HR administration.