Virtual HR Operations

Get access to a team of HR experts for the price of one full-time employee

You don’t need HR all the time,
but when you do, you do!

Managing HR Operations requires significant amount of time and effort. Regardless of the size of the company, start-ups, small entities and MNCs entering India need accessible and affordable HR support to tackle employment issues and administration. Companies can’t justify employing a fulltime HR person. However, an experienced HR professional can add value to the day-to-day running of your business with a strategic overview and guidance.

A Virtual HR / help desk department adds flexibility and provides the companies with with a HR personnel with rich experience, skills and expertise, at a lower cost.

OBOX supports Start-ups and SMEs by providing an outsourced HR function/department - a human resource expert dedicated to your team without having to increase headcount. A dedicated consultant works closely with you to manage your HR administrative and operational activities and also assist you with best practices advice in a workplace as well as help manage the HR crisis.

With our extensive knowledge base and continuous improvement programs, we can help our clients achieve a substantial reduction in operating expenses.

Importance of Virtual CEO

Virtual HR Department & Helpdesk

HR Professionals at Your Service We tailor our services to match our clients’ unique operations and business objectives. As part of this customised approach, you get a solution that delivers just the right balance of administrative, operational and strategic support. Our clients range in size from two employees to 200 employees, relying on us for both strategic and operational HR support. The virtual HR department can be customised to meet the needs of your business, including some or all of the services below.

  • Dedicated HR Helpdesk for your day-to-day operations / administration

  • New Start-up Administration – contracts, policy, letters, job descriptions, employment law advice,

  • Personnel File Maintenance (Electronic)

  • Leave and Attendance (Cloud & mobile app)

  • Recruitment and Onboarding

  • Payroll – compensation and benefits

  • Compliance Management

  • Separation and Termination process

Our Virtual HR Help Desk is an easy, cost-effective and provides you with affordable peace of mind while avoiding costly mistakes and saving valuable time.


HR Helpdesk Benefits

An entire HR department for about the same cost as hiring another employee. OBOX is a premier human resource consulting firm, offering all essentials of the employment life-cycle, and serving as a full-fledged virtual HR department. Our team consists of professional and seasoned advisors in all areas of Human Resources. We support you. in strategically planning and controlling your HR function, in optimally positioning your employer brand, in making your HR organisation lean and agile, in establishing efficient HR processes, and digitalising your HR function.

  • quick answers to all of your HR questions by phone and email

  • We help minimise your chance of fines, audits, and lawsuits

  • Our one-stop service is easier than searching online to piece together crucial HR information

  • On-call services for time-sensitive matters like assault, harassment, etc

With our well-trained professionals available round the clock, we are there to listen to employees’ queries and work towards providing resolutions and not just response.

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