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Learn, unlearn and learn new!

An organisation’s growth is linked to its workforce, and employee welfare is essential to address the business challenges. Updating skills through training strengthens the backbone of a successful employee and, consequently, an organisation. Companies across the globe lay great emphasis on staff training to enhance productivity, performance management and employee retention.

OBOX HR training is designed to sharpen the skills of individual employees so that the trained personnel contribute positively to the company’s growth in the future. We conduct customised programmes for start-ups, corporate houses and businesses with varied training modules for the different sectors of industry.

The Offering

The Offering

Training is the key to the success of all organisations, be they small or large. It enhances the knowledge and sharpens the skill set of the employees. However, companies, especially start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises, overlook training. Here is where OBOX fills the gap by taking up the role of a mentor, a trainer and a complete coach.

OBOX offers different training modules spread across domains and verticles, from single training to multiple pieces of training in a year. To give the best value, OBOX offers retainership models in training.

Training Services we Provide

Training Services We Provide

We offer a wide range of training sessions for the employees as well as the management. Our training programmes are customised to suit the requirements of individual companies:

  • Communication skills

  • Leadership workshop

  • Business skills

  • Customer service skills

  • Stress management

  • Sales training

  • Time management

  • Leading effective teams

  • Emotional intelligence at work

  • Leading with innovation

  • Happy employees

  • POSH – Prevention of Sexual Harassment

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