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Small and medium-sized organisations that have not adopted an ERP solution for managing HR, our self-service model takes care of the HR needs of your workforce. Our self-sign up cloud platform helps you to manage your employees and organisations processes quickly and easily ensuring you are compliant with market requirements.

It is based on a multi-tenant architecture, ensuring that your data is private and protected with adequate workload balancers. The product is available in the browser as a web-based application, and on Android and iOS mobile phones as a native app.

It is a cloud-based service, that is :

  • Quick and easy
    to set up
  • Intuitive to use
  • Customisable as per oragansiaitons HR policIes
  • Affordable

Attendance - Time and location tracking anytime, anywhere

Record your attendance via web punch-in with real-time integration. Sync your biometric device with your account. Manage holiday calendars and weekly offs. Organise your shifts by using our roster management feature. You can track your sales and work from home employees via GPS tracking and geo-fencing, and through the day using our tracking system.

Key features :

  • Cloud and app-based attendance

  • Real Timeinsights and analytics

  • Configure rosters and working hours

  • Biometric integration

Leave Management

Leave Management

Applying & Managing leaves, made easy Create leave rules as per your organisations policies. Integrate Holidays and Weekly-offs regulationsin into the leave calendar. Easy interface to apply and approve leave requests - on the web and on the mobile. Encash accumulated leaves based on the company’s leave policies. Seamless transfer to the New Leave year with Carry Forward leaves and opening balances as per company policy. and improves the morale of employees.

Key features :

  • Configurable leave policies

  • Easy Leave approval workflow

  • Customised holiday calendars

  • Mobile app for leave applications and approvals


Expenses - Expense tracking and reimbursements, at your fingertips

Create expenses policies by travel, business promotion, or any other category. Upload receipts from the mobile phone and request for reimbursements. Create custom approval workflows easily. Keep a check on your expenses company-wide with real time visibility.

Key features :

  • App-based expense tracking for reimbursements

  • Customised expense approval workflows

  • Track the GST component for the set-off

  • Categorise by Travel, Business Promotion or any other desired Expense Head

Helpdesk Ticketing Platform

Helpdesk Ticketing Platform - Address employee concerns, efficiently

A category-based query resolution model. The platform is designed as a centralised issue resolution workflow to help resolve employee queries and concerns in a timely and regulated manner. Increase the response efficiency with our simplified support framework. A unified system for tracking, prioritising, and resolving support tickets

Key features :

  • Ticket-based issue tracker

  • Single window for all employee concerns

  • Your support platform wherever you go with our mobile app

  • Automatic assignment of tickets to the relevant function heads


Engagement – Stay connected, stay informed, always

we understand the importance of productive connects between employees. Thus, we have created a platform where you can engage with your co-workers whenever and wherever you want; in a meaningful manner. Share important updates, celebrate achievements, promote healthy competition and encourage team bonding.

Key features :

  • Social platform @ work

  • Share updates with your team

  • Encourage Appreciation, Recognition and Rewards

  • Team bonding

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service – All your information & documents at one place

A single interface for all employee related information with relevant documents. A convenient platform for employees to manage and keep upto date their details and particulars. A digital strongbox for storing documents, certificates, and transaction supportings. Built on an automated platform that reduces paperwork for the HR Department

Key features :

  • Manage your profile information by academic qualification, medical records, work experience, etc.

  • Download payslips, Form 16, Yearly Tax computation and manage Provisional tax saving declarations.

  • Centralised information repository of all employees

  • Upload and manage the Employee Life cycle-related documents


Payroll – Supports the Processing

Our primary aim is to pay accurately and on time complying with statutory and contractual regulations. Our payroll service is customer-focused and utilises technology to increase accuracy and efficiency. Online access to payslips, dynamic investment declaration & tax computations for your employees make the process robust and straightforward for all.

Key features :

  • Powerful Income Tax calculator to understand taxes

  • Up to date compliances on PF, ESIC, PT, and TDS.

  • Run payroll entirely or for one department, centre or any other sub unit.

  • Information from Attendance, Leaves and Investment modules flow seamlessly into the Payroll module


Roost – Collaborate your task & teams, effortlessly

Easy-to-use task management system for your daily work and for collaborating with your team. Add tasks for yourself and your team members. Assign due dates, add notes and upload documents. Group your tasks in ‘Buckets’ to organise larger projects and milestones. Work together with your team to better manage your projects.

Key features :

  • One screen to manage your projects and view the progress.

  • Use ‘Buckets’ to group the related tasks into a project

  • Create sub-tasks and collaborate with team members

  • Assign completion date and owners for each task

Compliance Calendar

Compliance Calendar

Track Compliances for your Organisation with an easy-to-use Compliance Calendar. See what is due each month. Upload a copy of your Challans and other acknowledgements for each compliance and mark it as complete.

Key features :

  • Covers Central Acts, namely Provident Fund, ESIC and TDS

  • Covers State Acts namely, Profession Tax and Labour Welfare Fund

  • Choose what is applicable to your organisation

  • Monthly calendar view of salary related statutory dues


  • A Self -
    Service model
  • Highly
  • Elegant, Simple
  • Hyper growth
  • Scalable
  • Value for money

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