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We provide end-to-end hiring solutions to help you find the best talent.

Organisations need to have the right people, with the right capabilities, doing the right things to drive business in a sustainable manner. We are among best recruitment consultants in India and specialise in recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positions. We have a specialist team of experienced consultants to provide a range of practical and innovative solutions to help you source the right talent to meet your business objectives.

We at OBOX help you to fulfil your organisation’s talent ambitions and build a workforce with the right capabilities, profile and focus on achieving your business objectives, from growth to transformation.

We help increase productivity by ensuring that our clients get the right people. Our service provides visible results with a transparent and detailed selection process through an effective network of talented workers. We listen, examine and understand our clients’ strategy and culture and assist them in identifying “fit-for-purpose” experts.

We have successfully recruited executives in top-notch MNCs, large, medium and small scale industries, and start-ups. We work across all major industries and functionalities to find and place the talent that will value for your company.

Senior Level Executive

Senior Level Executive Search

Organisations are always on the lookout for good leaders to strengthen their team as part of their growth strategy. The challenge is to get proper vibrations between the leader's aspirations and the company’s business goals. OBOX is among the leading executive search firms in the country. Always with an eye on diversity, we assist companies in finding experts for Executive Board of Directors, CEO, President, C-Suite, Vice President across all functional areas. We help find the best talent, build successful teams and generate value for shareholders through excellence in Senior & Leadership search.

We bring in expertise, network and market research for our clients to identify suitable leaders for their organisation. We combine deep industry and functional knowledge with a proven executive search and assessment process to help you find leaders who best fit your organisation’s unique needs and will have a lasting impact.

Mid-Level Executive Search

Mid-Level Executive Search

Organisations need executives at all levels with the skills and vision to achieve the company’s goals and execute long-term strategies. Beyond technical expertise, these executives must also possess managerial experience and strong interpersonal skills. OBOX’s Mid-Level Executive Search recruits emerging executives for clients across all sectors. We combine industry and functional expertise with cultural and geographic knowledge to ensure our clients get a dynamic selection of candidates to choose from.

Project/Bulk Recruitment

Project/Bulk Recruitment

Our Project Recruitment solution is specifically designed to address the volume hiring activities of our clients. We help clients respond quickly to specific business challenges that surround a merger or acquisition event, corporate relocation, geographical expansion, product launch, or just a capacity gap. Whether you want to hire 10 people or 200+, our innovative search process helps to identify the right people and also we make it happen fast. Our Project Recruitment Solution specialises in placing these core roles in volume: entry-level up to middle- management, individual professional contributors and highly-skilled labour.

RPO – Domestic and International

Our RPO Services for domestic and international clients are uniquely structured to enable them to make the best use of our Recruitment Expertise and Low-Cost Services when undertaking volume recruitment projects within a tight timeframe. An RPO service can deliver its services either remotely or on-site and works closely with the organisation’s internal talent acquisition team. RPO offers process requisitions, sourcing and screening of candidates, scheduling of interviews, preparation and presentation of offers, and conducting on-board activities. With our 24/7 night service, you can leverage your recruiting needs and raise the output of your team. End-to-end RPO often evolves value-added services and can be segmented into three models: Fixed Price, Pay As You Go and Dedicated Resource.

Overseas / Global Recruitment

Overseas/Global Recruitment

We are among the top overseas recruitment agencies in India and have in-depth experience in working on sourcing Indian Talent for international organisations across the world. Companies globally seek Indian talent as these professionals are well-informed and are capable of adapting to the complex markets. Our services help you seek efficient professionals from Indian markets with substantial skills, thus overcoming the challenge of geographical boundaries and talent mismatch. Be it hiring of IT software professionals or any other professional Executives; our services allow our clients to choose the best.

Expat Recruitment

Expat Recruitment

Indian businesses are rapidly turning to expatriates to fill the talent gap in certain areas. Aspirations of growth and competitive ability through global excellence are the two fundamental drivers for Indian companies to hire expatriates.

Engineering and technical industries in India are now more reliant on expatriate resources, as they enhance the knowledge and experience of Indian businesses and facilitate a transfer of learning to the domestic population. OBOX supports employers with inter-company transfers as well as identification of expatriate talent to provide key skills and fill the gaps in the Indian market.

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