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India with the fastest-growing economies is predicted third-largest economy in the world by 2023. There are many opportunities in India for local entrepreneurs and International companies. Human capital is the key asset of any organisation. Hence aligning people, processes with the organisation’s vision and goals is crucial. Lack of HR processes is one of the major reasons why only a few start-ups survive. Most family-run businesses, start-ups, small & mid-size businesses face challenges while hiring the right people, implementing good HR practices and updating HR processes & systems to align with the organisational vision.

OBOX believes that every start-up & small business that’s passionate about growing and becoming successful deserves access to talented HR professionals that will help them reach their goals. For small to mid-size business with little or no in-house HR expertise, we become your outsourced HR department. We will work with your schedule to provide the HR support you need to drive success at every stage.  Once everything is in place, we even maintain and manage all of your HR needs with our Virtual HR desk, scaling your business and driving you on the path of growth.

YEssential HR Services

Your One-stop Shop for all Essential HR Services

OBOX’s one-stop-shop approach gives you a single touch point for all your HR & Compliance needs. Hence, no more managing of multiple vendors.  We provide all Essential HR Services - covering staffing, employment documentation, employment law advisory, compensation and benefits, payroll, global mobility, and more so that you get a single, well-coordinated source that takes care of all your business needs. Being your strategic partner, our dedicated HR professionals will provide the highest quality service with the best-tailored solution. In developing an HR strategy, start-ups should prioritise the following:

  • Mandatory Business Registrations / Licenses

  • Employment Contracts, Digital Onboarding and Handbook

  • Talent Acquisition & Setting up KRA

  • Leave & Attendance on cloud

  • Payroll & Compliance Administration

  • Virtual HR Helpdesk

  • Insurance – Business & Employees

  • Employee Background Verification


Importance of HR in a Start-up

Start-ups and SMBs rely on flexible business culture. For a start-up, human resource plays a crucial role, which is usually neglected by most of the entrepreneurs. Unstructured HR and recruiting processes can do more harm than good. They can foster toxic work environments, create confusion and negatively impact employee morale and retention. Businesses that deliberately develop a strong and active HR function show that they value employees and their business. These companies are better at hiring, developing and retaining employees. Our clients benefit from our longstanding experience in working with start-ups at all stages, from the first business idea to exit.

Why Outsource

Why Outsource

Don’t allow non-revenue generating activities and administrative processes to slow down your company’s productivity. Current economic trends are now forcing businesses to consider process outsourcing of administrative functions to improve basic services and maintain compliance with the ever changing regulations. The need to maintain a “lean and mean” workforce and do more with less has led many organisations to outsource key staff functions. Outsourcing daily HR functions, recruitment processes, employee benefits administration and payroll allows key employees to focus on strategic initiatives that benefit the organisation, increase productivity and thereby profitability.

Whether you need short or long-term support, we have broad and deep experience to help you. We offer tailored support by the hour, by the month, or by project. We support and build your HR team and infrastructure as your business needs expand. We will work with you to develop an outsourcing model that makes sense for your business and your role in your company.

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