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Indian market is fast emerging and has rich talent pool, with ample sales opportunities. Establishing a branch office or foreign subsidiary in India to engage a small team is time consuming, expensive and complex. Indian labour laws strongly safeguard the workers’ rights, and companies need to give serious attention to detail and possess an understanding of local best practices. Hiring via a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), or Employer of Record (EoR), is a faster and often more effective option, especially when starting up in a new country.

Many startups, growing businesses and even larger firms use PEOs throughout the world to take advantage of powerful economic markets while minimizing their liability in these foreign jurisdictions.

Comprehensive PEO services allow you to delegate administrative functions like HR and recruiting to a trusted partner. There are many ways to call it: local employer, local partner, employer of record services or Professional Employer organization. It all comes down to a third-party local entity that acts as an intermediary between employer and employee.

OBOX makes it painless and easy to expand into India. We can help you hire your candidate of choice, handle HR matters and payroll, and ensure that you’re compliant with local laws, without the burden of setting up a foreign branch office or subsidiary. Our Indian PEO services provide you peace of mind so that you can focus on growing your business here.

Why PEO ?

Why PEO ?

A Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) or Employer of Records (EoR) is one of the best starting point for many successful multinational start-ups, small and growing businesses planning to leverage Indian talent without establishing a local entity.  OBOX takes responsibility for all formal employment tasks and liabilities in India, but you are still in charge of work hours and projects for your employees.

PEO best works for International companies:

  • Looking to Hire an Employee Overseas

  • Outsource International Employment

  • Test New Market Overseas

  • Send Employees on Assignment basis

Hiring Freelancers

Convert Indian Freelancers into Full Time Employees

A freelancer is a valuable contributor to your business. However, the independent nature of freelancing has many disadvantages specially when you are not local - they lack formal structure, no contract terms, disappear in the middle of the work, no supervision, no benefits, legal compliances, protection of data & intellectual property, customer base, etc. Our employment solution for remote employee can help you hire freelancers through a single agreement with our Indian legal entity and we will provide an Employer with local operations support anywhere in India. Giving regular employment can be an effective means of retaining great talent while giving them more social and financial confidence, which results in long term benefits for both parties. With employee status, employee loyalty grows by 47%

Independent Contractors or Employment?

Independent Contractors or Employment?

As a small or medium business, you might prefer independent sales reps to your own salesforce when expanding globally. However, our remote sales personnel solution is a far better alternative to independent sales reps or any other type of manufacturer’s agents or representatives.

We bear full responsibility of employing expatriate and local personnel in compliance with the local legislation and paying them on time with all the taxes and social benefits. This solution minimizes risk exposure, helps retain talent by giving social benefits & flexibility for companies looking to expand.

Benefits of partnering with a PEO?

Benefits of partnering with a PEO?

There are countless tasks associated with employee management and human resources – recruitment, employment contracts, work hours, leave rules, expense management, payroll & compensation, tax & compliance, insurance, termination and severance, etc. All of these can be handled by a PEO, allowing employers to focus on other aspects of running the business. OBOX helps international companies to boost their business. Some of the services a PEO offers include:

  • No local entity required

  • Hiring local employees & entering India’s emerging market within days

  • Employment contracts & Terminations

  • Local expertise

  • Fully compliant with local laws & taxes

  • Payroll Management, Statutory Benefits, Insurance and Taxations

  • employee expense management

  • Office space & infrastructure

PEO Process

Together with 100% compliance, official PEO employment
of a foreign person in India ensures:

  • NO business risks: secured customer base

  • On-site customer support and in-depth knowledge of local business culture and intellectual property

  • Local managers speak your language

  • Your time and money saved

  • Less time spent on recruitment, evaluation, onboarding of globally distributed teams of developers, or a learning curve

  • Saves around 50% costs compared to hiring through your own entity

  • Hiring and payrolling foreign talent via a PEO solution is about 30% cheaper than hiring in-house

  • With employee status, employee loyalty grows by 47%, which is why you can retain the top minds long-term

  • Official foreign employment eliminates 95% of legal, financial, and business risks.

  • You can start a bare-bones operation in India with just one or a couple of developers and easily add any headcount as you move along.

Advantage India


  • Go To Market Faster

  • Go Fast WithoutSacrificing Control

  • Get the Right Mix of People, Processes &Technology

  • Be Ready for Every Phase of Growth

Subsidiary vs. PEO Comparison


Up to 12 months


Few Days

Signatories on bank accounts and corporate documents must often sign in person



Rigorous KYC regulations



Average companies spend 1 day per week simply tracking regulatory changes



Can lose candidates while waiting for subsidiary, contractor liabilities, lower talent pool


Ready to hire as soon as you finalize candidate, access to larger talent pool, no contractor liabilities

Foreign subsidiary often requires a local director – there are legal liabilities



Statutory and customary



US offer letters are not valid employment contract, need country-specific contracts and legal expertise




While establishing an entity may be advantageous under certain circumstances, you do not need to set up an entity to compliantly establish a presence in foreign markets with International PEO. If you would like to purchase property or take advantage of local corporate tax rates, then entity setup is a more attractive option.

Any types of business can hire a PEO. In fact, even a non-profit organization can benefit by using PEO services. Businesses in Hi-tech, retail, manufacturing, financial services, and other sectors frequently get into PEO arrangements. Whether it is a two-person office or a manufacturing unit employing hundreds or thousands of workers, co-employment through a PEO set up proves to be an effective solution.

We can employ workers in India on our clients’ behalf. This means that in countries where your company does not have a business entity, you can still legally employ local workers. Our clients do not have to form a local entity. That is one of the core benefits of our PEO / EOR service delivery mode.

No, foreign banking facilities and local funds are not required. We manage the foreign payments in the local currency, and then invoice the client in GBP, Euros or USD. However, in most countries, the worker being paid will need to have an in-country bank account to receive funds in the local currency.

An employee leasing company provides human resources on a temporary basis or for specific projects, whereas the role of a PEO is that of a service provider to its clients’ business and managing employees. During employee leasing, when a short-term project or temporary staffing requirement is fulfilled, the workers are either reassigned to another project or simply laid off. In the case of a PEO, employees continue their work for the employer even after the PEO contract ends.

-There is no minimum. We’re happy to help you with a single employee.

We have clients who have used us for 3 months whilst their local entities were being established. And other clients who have been with us over 5 years.

As the client and employer, you will continue to run your day-to-day business, manage your employees and set goals and performance metrics. The PEO’s responsibility is to help with the items outlined in your relationship such as, payroll or access to benefits.

Professional Employer Organization The acronym PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. PEOs work with small businesses to help them manage payroll-related taxes, certain human resources functions, access to benefits, and other employer-related administrative functions necessary to running a business.

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