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At OBOX, we believe our relationships are the most important part of our business and we help our partners succeed along with us. We are always on the lookout for partners aligned with our mission to revolutionize our client’s growth. We offer a collaborative business model that is focused on client’s satisfaction and success. This approach enables us and our partner community to increase the value we provide to clients. We build strategic partnerships with other business professionals to enhance the bouquet of service offerings.

Our relationship with partners is as important to us as it is to our clients, and we choose partner companies with care. We offer a host of partner benefits to enable each of our partners to succeed

Provide your clients with our full service HR outsourcing options which will help them focus on their core business functions.  Whether you are a business professional, association or HR professional looking to grow, we are excited to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with you.

PEO Services – Your local Partner in India

PEO Services – Your local Partner in India

Looking for a PEO partner in India? OBOX is the ideal partner for any global PEO looking for local support in India. As business is going global than ever, growth focused organizations need a quality partner that knows no borders. By partnering with OBOX, you can help your clients quickly expand operations into a new country without the burden of deciphering local labor and tax laws or setting up their own entity. Since we’re fully focused in India, we know them like the back of our hand. OBOX is your source of knowledge and aims to be the best possible local provider of PEO implementation in India. We strive to implement the solution to your requirement in full compliance with local law.

Partner and Associates

Partner and Associates – Let’s work together to help your clients do more

Like you, we’re dedicated to helping our client businesses achieve their vision of success. If you have clients, franchisees, or members who could benefit by getting help with our full service HR services, a partnership with OBOX HR is the smart option. By partnering with OBOX, you can add significant value to your existing and prospect business clients. Your clients will benefit from our exceptional HR expertise, full-service HR solutions, and mitigated risk from potential HR-related liabilities, freeing them up to focus on running their businesses.

OBOX partners with a variety of organizations & associations to achieve a new level of success. Our business partners and associates panel comprises :

  • Chartered Accountant & Company Secretary firms

  • Business Consulting firms

  • Global PEO firms

  • Law and Legal Consultancy firms

  • Accounting/Tax Advisors

  • Transactions Managers/M&A

  • International Business Chambers

  • Business & Leadership Coaches

  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Managers

Become an Entrepreneur

Become an Entrepreneur - Partner

Let’s grow your business – together. Partner with us to grow your business and expand your reach. OBOX Partner Programme helps you optimize business and earning opportunities. By partnering with OBOX, you can offer your clients robust, modern HR solutions that are changing with the times. We provide comprehensive training modules to our Strategic Business Associates and create entrepreneurial opportunities for those looking for income enhancement. You will be growing and managing your own business with the training and support of experts in the industry.  Our model provides an excellent revenue opportunity with a low overhead cost for the right individuals. We invite the following professionals to work as business partner and if it suits our set of principles of doing business, we are with you in the market place!

  • Freelance HR professionals & consultants

  • Organisational Development practitioners

  • Corporate / Soft skill trainers

  • Freelance Business Development professionals

  • Any other consultant/professionals looking for growth opportunities


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