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Labour Law and HR Compliances

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Compliance with Employment and Labour laws have become one of the most important issues that any company operating in India needs to deal with. Keeping track of changing government norms and regulations is not easy and is a challenge for most companies. In the Indian context, employment laws include a plethora of central (federal) and state-specific employment statutes, administrative regulations as well as judicial decisions.

Applicability of the statutes is contingent on multiple factors, including the industry, nature of work done by the employees, the strength of the workforce, remuneration, duration of service, etc.

OBOX offers end-to-end labour law compliance and advisory services for start-ups, multinational corporate houses and established corporate houses on a pan-India scale. We also handle issues that arise during business operations. Be it a new business, acquisition, outsourcing, merger, expansion or reduction in workforce and local employee relations; we have the expertise to deliver effective results.

We act as your HR compliance advisor, enabler and auditor – all in one. We provide labour law services at all stages of the business cycle, right from the incorporation of the entity, during the growth stage and till winding down.

HR legal advisory and compliance

HR Legal Advisory and Compliance

Securing and increasing company value Our advice extends to the applicability of various HR Laws in India, both Central and State. We advise & assist our clients on the applicability of HR/Employment Laws, the obligations and compliances thereunder, and the consequences of non-compliance.

The HR compliance experts at OBOX are constantly monitoring employment and industry regulations. When there’s a change, we’re on top of it, and this allows us to quickly and accurately implement new modifications, so you remain compliant at all times.

Central & State Labour Law Acts

Central & State Labour Law Acts

We have a well-established Compliance practice team to support and assist clients on end to end Statutory and Compliance management activities. We offer Labour Law Compliance services on Retainership basis about the below-listed Acts:

  • Shops and Establishments Act

  • Factories Act

  • Employees Provident Fund (EPF) & Misc Provision Act

  • Employees State Insurance (ESI) Act

  • Minimum Wages Act

  • Payment of Bonus Act

  • Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act

  • Professional Tax Act

  • Labour Welfare Fund

  • Maternity Benefit Act

  • Payment of Wages Act

  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)

  • Employment Exchange Act

  • Other Labour Regulations as applicable for the establishment

Employment and Labour Law

Employment and Labour Law Expertise

Look to a single partner to Navigate the complex path to labour law compliance. Compliances to the Law of the Land are mandatory, and companies established in India cannot afford to ignore it.  With the range of services we offer, we ensure you get all the required assistance with regards to statutory and labour law compliance requirements under one umbrella. We’ll also help you maintain accurate records and put procedures in place to avoid mistakes. At OBOX, we make it our mission to keep your company in regulatory compliance with all federal, state, and local workplace requirements.

OBOX ensures that your organization is 100% compliant with
the provision of our services that include:

  • Licensing, Registration & Renewals under various Labour Laws

  • Statutory Payment Computations

  • Preparation of Statutory Challans & Filing of Returns

  • Documentation, Maintenance of Records & Statutory Registers

  • Preparation & Submission of Periodical Statutory Reports

  • Correspondence and Liaising with Government Authorities – Central & State

  • Attending Periodical Statutory Inspections - Responding to notice/summons, etc.

  • Maintaining Notice Board Compliances – Display of Abstracts

  • Principal employer and vendor audit statutory remittance

  • Litigation support – presenting labour lawsuits before labour court, industrial court and high court

  • Handling strikeout, labour dispute, wage settlement, winding up of company, etc.

  • Consultation to handle labour-related issues arising during mergers and acquisitions Legal compliance, consultation and planning for mass layoffs/Retrenchment

  • POSH Committee – assisting with the policy, returns & compliance with the same Drafting of employment contracts & policies.

At OBOX, we make it our mission to keep your company in regulatory compliance with all federal, state, and local workplace requirements.

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