HR Audit

HR Audit

Identify Health of your Organisation

Enhancing HR Structure

A Human Resource Audit (HR Audit) is a comprehensive method to evaluate the current Human Resource policies, procedures and documentation of the organization. It also reviews HR functions to determine the organization’s compliance with state and central regulations ensuring that the HR department meets the standard protocols.

OBOX, HR audit involves analysing the HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies to protect the organisation, establish best practices and identify improvement opportunities. An objective review can help HR evaluate whether specific practice areas are adequate, legal and effective. This provides decision makers with the necessary information to focus on areas of improvements.

valuating HR Policies

Evaluate HR Processes

  • Record-Keeping & Documentation

  • Company Policies

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Compensation, Benefits & Promotions

  • Health & Safety

  • Performance Management

  • Labour Compliance

  • Separation Policy

  • Training & Development

Keeping in Pace with Best HR Practices - Advantages

Keeping in Pace with Best HR Practices - Advantages

  • Clarity of Business Model

  • Align with Corporate Strategy & Goals

  • Abreast with Latest Market Trends

  • Identifying Best Industry Practices

  • Being Compliant by Adhering to Current laws and Regulations

  • Execution of Fair Employment Practices

  • Keeps up the Business Reputation and Goodwill

  • Instilling Sense of Confidence in Management

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