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Setting up business operations internationally presents companies with enormous opportunities along with steep learning curve of business operations and unique challenges related to setting up a company, identifying skilled local talent, taxation, payroll, compliance and much more. The organizations are required to be legally compliant, manage day-to-day taxation and accounting issues, knowledge of labour laws and available benefits.

OBOX offers a complete suite of expansion services in the current dynamic business environment. Right from registering your company, to finding the right workspace and employees for you, OBOX will ensure that the process to start your business in India will be as smooth and compliant.

We work with global organization’s to provide collaborative ‘People Operations’ solutions for their successful entry and expansion in India. We help you achieve success in a foreign land with special expertise and an in-depth understanding of the ‘law of the land’. We offer comprehensive, practical and cost- effective business solutions to generate new revenue in the world’s major market - India. Our India entry practice has assisted several global corporations in businesses as diverse as media, financial services, education, chemicals, information technology and FMCG to explore and/or set up operations in the Indian sub-continent. We have provided such expertise to clients from more than 15 countries and have helped them carry out business operations effortlessly in India.

Making your International Expansion Simple

Entity Setup

Making Your International Expansion Simple. OBOX assists international companies to set up, establish and succeed in India by offering a single-window solution. Our India entry services offer you with complete administrative and support services in India. Our professional partners and employees provide you with end to end support, ensuring you focus on your business growth :

  • Setting up a company - Incorporation

  • Pre and post setup advisory & services

  • Tax and accounting services

  • Secretarial and Legal services

  • Procurement & Vendor Development

  • Human Resource and Labour Law

We provide a tailor-made, continuous and efficient approach, enabling companies to maximize their performance at every stage of their international development


Entity setup isn’t the only option

Hire Staff in India without Establishing a Local Entity. Incorporating and establishing a company may require more time or money than a business plan viably allows for. To successfully establish a presence in a new market, it may be necessary for a business to have local presence that works towards their interests, without risk or delay. Our PEO staffing solution can help a company hire full-time employees in India, without setting up a local company. Our clients enjoy the benefits of full-time staff working in overseas markets and remaining compliant with local laws, without the time and investment required to set up and operate an overseas legal entity.

Single Point of Contact

With a rich portfolio of HR & Business services, OBOX offers a 360° solution to international companies who want to Enter & Expand in India. Our one-stop-shop approach gives you a single touch point for all your needs. We provide all Essential Services so that you get a single, well-coordinated source that takes care of all your business needs. We provide support from the point of hire to retirement, our employee lifecycle portfolio includes :

  • Mandatory Business Registrations/Licenses

  • Employment Contracts, Benefits and Policies

  • Salary Benchmarking and Compensation Planning

  • Registered office address & Director services

  • Recruitment & Termination support

  • Leave & Attendance on Cloud

  • Payroll & Compliance Administration

  • Labour Law – Consulting and advisory

  • PEO and Contract Staffing

  • Insurance

  • Employment Background Verification

  • HR advisory and consulting

Advantage India

India Advantage

  • 5th largest economy in the world

  • Presence of startup ecosystem

  • One of the Youngest countries in the world

  • High domestic consumption

  • Investor friendly Market

  • Busines friendly laws

  • Skilled workforce

  • Largest pool of English Language & IT skills


Yes a foriegn company can incorporate a company or corporation or subsidiary in India. You can give Power of Attorney to an attorney to sign the documents on your behalf. After the Company is incorporated, you can appoint Alternate Directors, to function on your behalf while you are not in India. But at least one director should a resident of India.

You can give Power of Attorney to an attorney to sign the documents on your behalf. After the Company is incorporated, you can appoint Alternate Directors, to function on your behalf while you are not in India. But at least one director should a resident of India. There can be one meeting of Board of Directors during your stay in India and all other formalities including those of appointment of Alternate Directors can be complied with.

The time it takes to establish an entity varies, depending on several factors. On average, you can expect the process to take 3-4 months before you can begin operating in your new market(s). This timeframe often increases exponentially due to delays in banking, filing errors, and other administrative tasks.

To ensure you’re meeting all corporate compliance regulations, you need a team of local accountants, HR personnel, lawyers, and payroll specialists.

Establishing an entity is an incredibly time-consuming and expensive process—no matter the market. Relying on OBOX frees up your essential internal resources, so you remain focused on day-to-day operations and overseeing your global expansion efforts.

The following types of Business entitles are available in India:

Private Limited Company

Public Limited Company

Unlimited Company


Sole Proprietorship

In addition to the above legal entities, the following types of entities are available for foreign investors/foreign companies doing business in India:

Liaison Office

Representative Office

Project Office

Branch Office

Wholly owned Subsidiary Company

Joint Venture Company

The following documents are required to be executed (signed) by promoter(s) before they are submitted to the ROC:

1. Memorandum of Association ("MOA") - MOA is like a Charter of a Company. Promoter(s) or its/their Authorized Signatory(s) are required to sign MOA in the presence of one or more witnesses stating their full name, father's name, residential address, occupation, number of shares subscribed for, etc.

2. Articles of Association ("AOA") - AOA are byelaws of a company incorporated in India. Promoter(s) or its/their Authorized Signatory(s) are required to sign AOA in the presence of one or more witnesses stating their full name, father's name, residential address, occupation, etc.

3. Corporate resolutions passed by parent Corporation or LLC to form a new company in India as its subsidiary and the amount of share apital to be inducted in the subsidiary.

4. Authorization executed by all the subscribers to MOA authorizing one of the subscribers or an Attorney to act on their behalf to digitally sign the incorporation documents to be filed with the ROC.

5. Special Power of Attorney in favor of an Attorney for the purpose of incorporation and accepting the certificate of incorporation on ehalf of the parent Corporation or LLC.

6. A Declaration, prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013, by each subscriber/ proposed director to the effect that the subscriber/director is not convicted of any offence in connection with the promotion, formation or management of any company during the preceding five years or of fraud and misfeasance, if any.

7. PAN Undertaking by a proposed director who is foreigner.

8. Form No. DIR 2 - Consent Form by each proposed director to act as director of the company to be formed in India.

9. Filing fees as may be applicable.

An application for Reservation of proposed name of the company is made to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs ("MCA").  The details to be stated in the said application are as follows:

(1) The type of proposed business entity to be selected. (Note: An attorney must be consulted to pick up the right kind of business enetity. See Types of Business Entities in India for more details)

(2) Two alternative names for the proposed company. The proposed names must be unique and should not resemble to the names of existing companies or well known companies or trademarks of others.

(3) Must follow name guidelines and Rules prescribed by MCA while proposing a name of the company.

(4) The proposed names may consist of coined words from the name of promoters or directors but should definitely be indicative of the principal business of the proposed company. Justification for the name needs to be stated along with the application.

(5) The main objects for which the company is to be formed. After submitting the application, MCA scrutinizes the application for uniqueness of the proposed name and either accepts or rejects the application. If there is no objection or there is objection and reply to objection is satisfactory, name approval letter is issued electronically in about a week. An opportunity of being heard is provided to the applicant before rejecting the Name Reservation Application. .

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