Employment Contracts and Handbooks

Employment Contracts and Handbooks

Ensure all your contracts, handbooks and policies
are up-to-date and legally compliant

Make Sure You Don't Copy Paste

Regardless of the company size, HR policies, procedures and contracts, set standards for employees to how they conduct themselves. This is the foundation of effective people practices – to not only comply with key aspects of legislation but also ensure that managers are fair and consistent, and employees are aware of what is expected of them Policies and Contracts instantly set the tone for your organisation, clarifying codes of conduct, how employees perform their jobs, make decisions, interact with each other and manage the business operations of their employer. Having clear policies and contracts ensures transparency in the employer-employee relationship which helps in attracting and retaining people.

OBOX offers a range of services to support you in ensuring you have appropriate and legally compliant employment contracts, handbooks and policies. Our HR professionals will work with you to develop a fully customised Employee Handbook or review and update an existing Employee Handbook for your organisation that is both compliant with Federal and State employment laws and also a good reflection of your company's culture. We encourage our clients to establish the right people practices early on so that they can focus on growing and developing their businesses rather than wasting time resolving problems later.

Employee Handbooks Effectively

Employee Handbook

Effectively Communicates Work Rules. An employee handbook is an essential communication tool between you and your employees. An employee handbook lays the foundation of employee performance and helps protect your business against potential lawsuits. A well-drafted employee handbook presents your company policies and procedures and outlines mutual expectations. Your handbook can provide important protection for your company by preventing misunderstandings, reinforcing employer expectation and helping keep your workplace free of potential lawsuits arising from discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination claims. No employer is too small to use an employee handbook. With the ever-changing employment laws, it is imperative that your employee handbook is reviewed on an annual basis. An attractive employee policy can be key to attract and retain the right talent. Employee policies can also prove to be the starting point for boosting employee morale and increasing productivity.


Employment Letters/Contracts/Agreement

Documents you can trust. India's employment laws are diverse and form a complex framework that employers must navigate carefully when drafting employment contracts. A well-written employment contract sets out the terms and conditions of employment, rights and responsibilities of employee and employer, and forms the basis of an employment relationship.

OBOX helps you to design/draft various kinds of employment letters specific to your business needs, providing the foundation that ensures you are able to deal deftly and smoothly with employment issues when they arise. We can also assist in amending contractual terms and conditions for the existing staff. We understand the importance of quality HR documents you can trust to be lawful and complete. These employment letters aid compliance and make managing staff members easy and stress-free.

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