Employee Background check

Employee Background check / Verification

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It is always wise to run a check on a job candidate’s past work experience and conduct. It is quite common among job candidates to mask information of the previous assignments and even falsify work experience documents. Working with a leading background screening provider can help employers vet candidates and select the right one required for the position.

The hard truth is that reference checks are essential if you want to avoid a known risk to your business and personal reputation. Employment references are extremely time-consuming. However, our pre- employment reference checks have helped companies become more efficient by verifying references given by job applicants.

CV Verification: A Crucial Check

CV Verification: A Crucial Check

Looking into a candidate’s work history gives the company an insight into the applicant’s job stability and loyalty to an employer. Employers should compare what a candidate claims on their resume with the actual information provided by a background screening company. Basic verifications can confirm:

  • Job start and end dates

  • Titles held

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Job duties

  • The reason for termination (in some states) and rehire eligibility

Background Screening – Mitigate risk in the modern economy.

Background Screening

Mitigate risk in the modern economy A comprehensive employee screening service confirms that candidates, employees, contractors and volunteers are who they claim they are and have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to support the values and objectives of your organisation.

  • Education Certificate Verification

  • Professional Licence/Certificate Verification

  • Criminal Verification – Court & Police Record Search A

  • Address Verification

  • Court Record Verification

  • Drug Test

  • Pan and Aadhard card verification

  • Credit Check

  • Social Media Profiling

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