Corporate HR Services

Corporate HR Services

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OBOX HR provides full-service human resource solutions to start-ups and multinational companies entering India, SMEs and large established organisations and listed conglomerates. We help companies reach their organisational goals by providing comprehensive HR solutions and services. We offer a full range of HR services to help you deal with every element of employing and managing people. We manage critical HR processes, thus bringing significant operational excellence and seamless, integrated delivery. We endeavour to help our clients to remain ahead of others in the fast-changing business environment.

We are recognized as a single window HR solution Provider across India, offering services like Business Registrations, Corporate HR & Startup HR Services, India Entry services, Virtual HR Helpdesk, Organisational Development and HR Consultancy. We also help make your workflow easy by managing your employee and organisation processes with cloud-based HR platform. We excel in adapting to the complexity of the Indian market along with its policies and regulations. Our value-added solutions can easily kick-start businesses of foriegn companies entering India. We have assisted clients from 23 countries and helped them carry- out hassle-free business operations.

Access a full range of HR services

Access a Full range of HR services

As your company grows, so do your challenges. By teaming up with a full-service HR provider, you’re freed up to focus on your people and your growing business. Our comprehensive suite of innovative solutions covers an entire range of Human resource management. We undertake complete HR services and provide the right path for the organisation based on their specific requirements. Our HR Processes and Services deliver solutions that drive your business forward.


Service innovation is our core

It is our continuous endeavour to create high-impact solutions to enhance the competitiveness of the organisations we serve. Our innovation is focused on automating HR processes and services so that your HR professionals can focus on strategic activities that help you unleash the full potential of your people– and deliver smart insights that drive business results.

One Partner for all your HR needs

One Partner For All Your HR Needs

Starting and growing your business is expansive in this competitive economy.With OBOX, you have access to a full range of Hr services, along with round-the-clock support from our experienced experts. Streamline your HR process by using one trusted, experienced partner for all your business needs in India—from start to finish and everything in between. By working closely together, we’ll help you reduce risks, eliminate costly errors and accelerate your growth. Our integrated services, delivered via a single point of contact, simplifies your day to day operations so that you can free up time and resources to focus on growth.

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