Business Process Services

Business Process Services

Offshoring and Outsourcing solution provider

Achieve High Performance Through Outsourcing
– An Essential tool for every Business

With international expansion a key goal for the majority of tech & fast-growing busi-nesses, startups or medium size companies or large enterprises in all industries and geographies are focusing more on business Process Outsourcing Services.

OBOX India provides end-to-end engagement services across consulting, technology and outsourcing services for organizations looking to outsource or built offshore delivery Centre in India.

Our Business Services & Outsourcing practise provides companies with a range of services to support growth and cater to the changing needs within local markets and around the globe.

Our business solutions and services help accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs and optimize asset utilization. Depending on the size of your operation and your goals, we offer a variety of operational models to help you get the most out of your outsourcing initiative.

Making your International Expansion Simple

Dedicated Development Team / Staff Augmentation

Your Business, our team. If you are looking for a reliable dedicated development team, with flexibility in mind, we have the recruitment capacity and an existing talent pool to help you create a team that fulfils your needs. You forget about worries of hiring, selecting and etention, and the corporate overheads of running a new team.


Technical & Customer Support

Business essential Services. Any great business and IT solution need high technical and customer support to compliment the services they provide and create a great customer experience for their clients. It is important to have a reliable team capable of addressing the support issues and, as your Business grows, provide technical customer service while you can focus on other key business areas.

Product / Software Development

Bespoke software solutions. With globalization bringing markets and competition closer than ever, it makes perfect sense for enterprises to outsource their application development requirements. With our partner's support, we focus on emerging technologies, rich bank of qualified and experienced resources, proven processes and adherence on quality and timeliness makes us an attractive option for enterprises that are looking for a software outsourcing, support & maintenance.


OBOX offers flexibility in client engagement models. This helps the client to adjust and outsource their needs based on time, availability of resources and requirements. You can choose from any of our following Outsourcing Models

Advantage India

Advantage India –
Your remote Global Team in India

India has won its spurs as the world’s outsourcing destination of choice. A country- level analysis of people and cost competitiveness reveals that India has greater traction primarily due to the availability of adequately trained manpower. The primary factors in consideration while deciding on an offshore location include:

  • Cost competitiveness - labour cost, infrastructure cost, currency exchange rate

  • Labour competitiveness – size of available labour, domain skills, cultural compatibility, English language and attrition rates

  • Other factors – favourable tax regime, time difference, data security & IPR

Services we offer

  • Call Centre
  • Data Entry
  • Healthcare BPO
  • Collection
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Legal & Insurance
  • KPO
  • Collection

Industries we cater to

  • IT Software
    & Platforms
  • Travel &
  • Automotive, Aerospace
    & Defence
  • Insurance
  • Banking &
    Financial Services
  • Healthcare &
    Life Sciences
  • Retail &
  • Hi tech &
  • E-commerce


Ms. Pooja Singh HR

My work association with OBOX has been for 5 years. I feel that OBOX holds an unprecedented strength in the recruitment industry, especially in the background checks of candidates they source. Our organization had a great experience with candidates sourced by them, both talent-wise and behavior-wise.

Mr. Jayesh Ramdhia

I was looking for someone who could handle all my HR operations virtually. I opted to work with OBOX after reading their reviews online. OBOX supported my venture with Virtual HRO and HRMS technology brilliantly well. Their high-end, cloud-based technical processes have impressed me, giving me a reason to continue to work with them.

Ms. Roshini Maru

Out of my experience, I can say that OBOX HR excels in payroll and compliance. Their approach to work is extremely positive. We feel generous support while working with them. We refer our esteem and premium clients to them to avail of their HR services.

Mr. Anil Sareen, Managing Country Head

OBOX supported my newly formed start-up with business compliance. Their in-depth knowledge and exposure helped me shape my internal HR policies. I feel that their professionalism, dedication, and interest have remained consistent ever since my association started with them.

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